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Pressure Care Products – Genie Care

Genie Care are one of the UK’s leading experts in specialist pressure care products for people who require bedside attention. Providing equipment to use in conjunction with specialist beds, we are best known for our ToTo, WaterGenie, SafeSides and SleepLow.

Our products provide solutions for bathing, moving, bed safety and turning in bed, whilst maintaining independence and dignity in either a home or clinical environment. Most importantly, these pressure care products are instrumental to the health care profession or to those caring for someone at home.

Tissue viability is a key issue in the health care profession and our products are utilised all over the UK to improve the lives of individuals who are bed bound for long periods.

Pressure Care Equipment

Our range of pressure care equipment provides professional solutions to many aspects of personal care. We are instrumental in reducing pressure sores or pressure ulcers, but the benefits of our products don’t stop there.

As the necessity for manual handling is removed, the risk to the carer of personal injury, or indeed the risk of injury to the patient, during that process is significantly reduced. At Genie Care we also specialise in specialist moving and manual handling equipment.

So if you’re a care giver for an individual who requires regular bedside attention and you’d like to find out more about our pressure care equipment, manual handling products or any of the other products we supply – browse our website, call our team on 01495 235800 or complete the online form on our contact page.

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