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Why Our ToTo Patient Turning Equipment is a Revolution

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With the increase of pressure on social care by Local Authorities looking to squeeze every penny from their shrinking budgets, any kind of innovation can provide massive benefits to patients and carers. Here at Genie Care we are committed to discovering new and effective ways of improving the quality of life for patients while easing the burden on carers, and our ToTo patient turning equipment is a radical alternative to traditional turning beds.

So How Does it Work?

You might expect something that delivers such a major positive impact to be complicated, but the ToTo’s operation is ingenious for its simplicity. The lifting element of the system is placed in between the mattress and mattress platform, gently and quietly rising at pre-defined time periods to move the patient safely and regularly.

The Benefits of Using the ToTo

Aside from the pressure relief and reduced dependency on carers, the ToTo offers benefits beyond that of other patient turning equipment. The problems patients have experienced with other solutions mainly focus on the disruption of sleep, as they are unable to cope with the continuous movement of the system that only exacerbates their pain and suffering. Thanks to the quiet and gradual operation of the ToTo, clinical advisers within the NHS have in fact reported improvements of other symptoms.

A further benefit of using the ToTo is that the system can be programmed to move the patient at pre-determined intervals. With older systems, carers would still be required to initiate the turning, however the ToTo eliminates this requirement entirely.

The ToTo can be used on any bed, in conjunction with standard or alternating pressure care systems and bed stock, ensuring that pressure care management teams can easily move the unit from one bed to another. To find out more about this revolutionary patient-turning product, get in touch with the expert team we have here at Genie Care on 01903 733 377.

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