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Who Can Benefit From Adjustable Beds?

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If you have a loved one, relative or friend who is in need of extra help around the home and has special requirements, it may be necessary to invest in particular equipment to assist with their care. To ensure that your loved one is as comfortable as possible, here at GenieCare we specialise in the manufacture and supply of various high quality bed accessories and products. The range of products that we can supply for use with adjustable beds can bring many benefits to your loved one. Read on to explore how an adjustable bed can help anybody in need of special care.

Here at GenieCare we are committed to making users as comfortable as possible throughout their time spent in bed with a range of accessories and bedding modifications that can provide safety and care for people who are bedbound for long periods of time. We have products that can provide solutions for bathing, moving, bed safety and assistance with turning in bed whilst maintaining dignity and independence in a domestic or specialist care setting.

Our impressive range of bedding accessories includes:


Modifying a bed with the SleepLow technology can provide valuable assistance when it comes to moving bed users. The integral raising and lowering mechanism provides easy use for adjusting the height of the bed, allowing for comfortable nursing of users. With an optional headboard and the possibility of using SafeSides, an inflatable safety product, for additional comfort, this accessory can prove valuable for assisting with the care of your loved one.


By gently turning the bed user at programmed intervals, this product can effectively reduce the risk of pressure ulcers. Furthermore, because the technology operates without the need for a carer to physically turn the user, there is minimal risk of disrupting sleep.


As a preferred alternative to a traditional bed bath, the innovative WaterGenie is an inflatable ‘bath’ that is pumped up on the bed to surround the user and comes with a shower device that can provide the bed user with a refreshing shower.

If you would like to learn more about the specially designed products that we supply here at GenieCare and how they can be used in conjunction with adjustable beds, don’t hesitate to call us today on  01903 733 377.

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