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Whisper Quiet Turning Device: Get a Full Night’s Sleep

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One of the most common problems for bedridden patients is the necessary turning to prevent the development of pressure sores and the subsequent difficulties that this presents. The necessary manual turning of patients by nurses or carers can be both dangerous and humiliating for the patients during the day and highly disruptive throughout the night.

Eliminating the Need for Manual Turning

Night time turning results in a severely disrupted night’s sleep for patients and the following lack of sleep can cause unnecessary distress and can even stunt a patient’s recovery. Here at Genie Care we specialise in pressure care equipment and we understand the need for regular patient turning and the problems that this can cause; however, thanks to our unique patient turning device, the To-To, these problems can be addressed.

A Revolution in Pressure Care

Our To-To turning device offers a revolutionary new method of turning patients throughout the day and night at regular intervals without disturbing the patient. The lifting system takes around 10 minutes to complete a turn and the gentle movement does not disturb the patient as manual turning would do.

As the device turns the patient it is incredibly quiet (<20db); many of our previous customers have been amazed at how quiet the device really is. The gentle movements and whisper quiet device allows patients to get a peaceful night’s sleep while receiving the turning needed to prevent pressure sores.

Here at Genie Care we are passionate about providing pressure care equipment and tools to make disabled and bedridden patients as comfortable and as safe as possible. Please browse our site for more information about the To-To and our other products such as the Water Genie and Sleep Low.

If you would like additional information, or if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

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