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Unique System for 2 Hourly Patient Turning

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The suffering for those that are confined to a bed for extended periods of time doesn’t simply end with their current ailment, because being in the same place and position for such a long time can often result in pressure-related health problems – making their overall value of life even worse. This serious concern raises the need for ‘two-hourly’ turning or movement, and while some patients may have a carer to do this for them, others cannot. For this reason, we at Genie Care have brought about the solution, in the form of ToTo: completely unique patient turning equipment that sets itself apart from all other products on the market.

A Radical Alternative

Traditional, turning beds can actually make the problem worse and cause further discomfort simply by the way they work, however the ToTo couldn’t be more different as it presents a complete revolution in moving, handling and tissue viability.

Able to fit onto any single-sized bed, the ToTo goes against the grain by offering a fresh approach to 2 hourly or night time turning, as we fully understand that other patient turning choices can disrupt the night’s sleep and further add to the problem. The ToTo instead doesn’t require the helping hand of a carer to operate and is fully programmable so it does not disturb the patient but still provides the ever-essential tilting and turning that will keep pressure sores and ulcers from being a problem.

A Wealth of Benefits

It doesn’t end there either, as the unique design features of the ToTo, which follow on the ethos of all of our other products, bring a wealth of benefits that can be tailored to the needs of any patient. Starting of course with the reduced dependency on carers and nursing staff (a benefit which has brought about the ToTo being used in hospitals across the country) and moving onto other benefits such as the ease of installation and its whisper quiet operation (

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