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Toto: Saving Care Trusts Money Across The UK

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With continuing cuts being made on the NHS budget, it’s essential for the healthcare sector to save money in any way they can. Genie Care provide a simple and effective way for health trusts and hospitals to preserve valuable funds – with our innovative patient moving and handling devices, such as the Toto.

Our Toto turning device not only helps aid recovery and reduce physical risks for patients and carers, it has also been proven to save Primary Care Trusts in the UK drastic amounts of money.

One Primary Care Trust in Plymouth invested in one of our Totos last year to aid with one patient’s care and, over the year they have had the Toto installed, have saved over £40,000 in nursing fees.

Another based in Portsmouth saved over £90,000 – just by purchasing one Toto for one patient alone. If these Trusts were to purchase moving and handling devices for all their bed ridden patients, the savings could be astronomical.

The savings come due to the fact that previously, these Trusts were sending nurses in to manually turn patients at least twice a night. Although this essential work needs to be done, paying nurses to work unsociable hours throughout the night can soon add up. A one-off investment in a Toto can eliminate the need for a nurse to do this, as it can be set to gently turn a patient over regularly throughout the night. An additional bonus of the Toto is that it is almost silent, allowing your patient to carrying on peacefully sleeping, uninterrupted.

These revolutionary moving and handling products can truly help both you and your patient; saving your business money while aiding with patients’ pressure care and recovery. If you’d like any more information about our patient moving and handling devices, please call us on 01903 722283 or contact the team online.

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