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To-To: Improve Quality Of Life and Quality of Care

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Pressure care is an essential part of many patients’ care routine if they suffer from severe mobility problems. Unfortunately, the process of manually turning patients can be dangerous for both the patient and the carer.

Here at Genie Care we have developed a revolutionary new patient turning device to ensure that you can provide your patients with the necessary care without sacrificing quality of care or the patients’ quality of life.

Your Quality of Care

You won’t need to be told how busy a care home, nursing home or hospital can be and how this heightened workload can affect the quality of care your patients receive.

Bedridden patients, of course, require much more constant care and a significant aspect of this care is the frequent turning necessary to reduce the risk of pressure sores developing. Our patient turning device, the To-To, provides this essential care allowing your carers or nurses to spend their valuable time on other aspects of their role.

Your Patients’ Quality of Life

While the carers and nurses time is valuable, the level of care a patient receives directly impacts of their quality of life and regular turning, although essential, can be highly disruptive. Turning throughout the night can result in patients never getting a full night’s sleep and many patients will find manual turning embarrassing and uncomfortable.

The To-To eliminates the needs for manual turning and allows patients to have a full, peaceful and undisturbed night’s sleep while still receiving the essential pressure care.

If you would like more information about revolutionary patient turning device or our range of other patient care equipment then please our website; you’ll find a wealth of information about how can each piece can benefit both you and your patients.

Of course, if you have any questions about our equipment then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us directly; a member of our friendly team will be happy to help.

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