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To-To: Enhanced Patient Care to Prevent Pressure Ulcers

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Traditional patient care of bedridden patients or those suffering with severe mobility problems usually involves the manual turning of the patient to maintain tissue viability and prevent pressure ulcers developing. Unfortunately, this traditional form of care is highly time consuming, unreliable and can often be uncomfortable, embarrassing and even dangerous for the patient.

Reduced Risk to Patients and Carers

Here at Genie Care we believe that patients should receive the vital pressure care they require and that neither the patient nor carer should be put at risk during the process. We have developed a revolutionary patient turning device that eliminates the need for manual turning and so reduces risk posed to both patient and carer.

Eliminating Human Error

Our patient turning product, the To-To, is highly effective at providing the essential care to prevent pressure ulcers in bedridden patients as the programmable operation guarantees regular turning.

Nurses and carers are often exceptionally busy and the time consuming process of manually turning a patient can sometimes be neglected or forsaken for a more urgent task. This element of human error, however, is eliminated with the To-To. It doesn’t matter if a carer doesn’t have the time or the resources to manually turn a patient, the patient will always receive regular turning with our innovative patient turning device.

Whisper Quiet & Comfortable

The nurses and carers, of course, benefit from additional time in their day to complete other tasks and patients benefit from guaranteed pressure care. Patients, however, will also benefit from the whisper quiet and comfortable operation as they can receive a full night’s sleep, undisturbed by manual turning.

If you would like to know more about how the To-To operates and the benefits it offers to patients and carers alike, please visit our website or contact us directly on 01903 733 377. A member of our specialist team will be happy to any answer your questions and provide any additional information.

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