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Pressure Care Products for Nursing in Bed

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If you are a professional care provider nursing patients who are confined to bed, pressure care products can not only help to make your patients more comfortable, but will also help the caring process to become much easier and more efficient. Genie Care are a specialist supplier of the highest quality pressure care products, including the innovative ToTo system. Suitable for use with any bed, ToTo allows patients to be gently moved without the intervention of a carer, which can help to ensure that two hourly or night time turning is always achieved.

Long periods confined to bed can result in serious discomfort. Some alternating mattress systems, which move continuously throughout the night, can result in a restless night’s sleep for patients, which will lead to an increase in pain and discomfort. ToTo is a great alternative to these conventional pressure care products. With a quiet pump unit and its new approach to turning, patients can enjoy an uninterrupted night’s sleep thanks to this clever system.

Genie Care know just how effective this pressure care product can be, but ToTo has also established a great reputation with health professionals and care providers who recognise the many benefits of investing in this innovative turning system. Barbie Simmons, the Resettlement and Community Liaison Officer at the Midlands Centre for Spinal Injuries, has seen for herself just how successful the ToTo system can prove to be, as she explains:

“Recently we have been fortunate to be able to trial the ToTo turning system with several patients on the spinal injuries unit and have found it to be an exceptional piece of equipment. It is an excellent way to re-position our patients, eliminating the manual turn therefore enabling the patient to have an undisturbed night.”

This praise for the ToTo system is a testament to its effectiveness in helping a range of patients to enjoy greater comfort and better health. To see the many advantages of ToTo, and other pressure care products available from Genie Care, why not take a closer look at our range today?

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