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Understanding the Risks Involved with Moving & Handling People

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When it comes to effective patient care, moving and handling is one of the most difficult things to get right, and there are a number of risks to the wellbeing of the patient as well as the carer. Depending on the nature of the disability or illness, a patient may require moving and handling to simply get in and out of bed or perhaps a vehicle, right through to requiring assistance with bathing, using the toilet or even turning over in bed.

Associated Risks

Manual handling can create a number of potential risks for both the patient and the carer. For the carer, the most common injuries are undoubtedly back and muscle-related, especially if the proper training on how to lift and move a patient is not undertaken. Although muscle-related injuries will often recover over time, more severe problems could stay with the carer for the rest of their lives, not only restricting their movement but also impacting on their ability to effectively care for patients.

For the patient, injuries incurred to the shoulders, neck and back are also common, however fragile skin can also be damaged, while exacerbating breathing difficulties and causing bruising or cuts are also potential risks.

Manual Handling Solutions from Genie Care

Here at Genie Care we have studied the problems involved with manual moving and handling and looked to address them with a range of easy to use, but incredibly effective, moving and handling alternatives. These include:

ToTo – a radical alternative to traditional turning beds, providing gentle “2-hourly” or “Night Time” turning designed to prevent pressure ulcers.

WaterGenie – provides carers the opportunity to give patients a shower on their own bed, removing the need to move them manually.

SleepLow – this equipment is designed for clients who are confused or at risk from falling out of their beds, however it also offers carers the opportunity to raise the client to a comfortable working height for nursing and transfers.

These innovative and revolutionary products have helped us to become one of the UK’s leading names in moving and handling as well as specialised pressure care products.

To find out more about any of the equipment we provide, give our team a call today on 01903 733 377 and we’ll answer any queries you may have. Alternatively, follow the links inside this post to find out more about each of the products we supply.

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