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Moving and Handling with Specialised Turning Equipment

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For those who require bedside assistance, sleepless nights due to continually having to move into a more comfortable position are something that can be avoided with ToTo. ToTo is an innovative new piece of moving and handling equipment supplied by Genie Care which effortlessly re-positions an individual without waking them; leaving many refreshed and better-able to tackle the rehabilitation/physiotherapy the following day.

As the UK’s leading experts in specialist equipment, we believe that the long awaited ToTo is one that many individuals suffering from paralysis, spinal injuries or a lack of mobility due to an illness or disability would benefit from it. It gently moves the patient throughout the night, removing the need for any intervention from the carer/nurse or the practiced ‘two-hourly’ night time turning rota.

The success of this product is supported by the NHS, with clinical advisors within the NHS reporting that pressure care issues are addressed by using this product, with many other advantageous properties benefiting the patient and nurse/carer alike. This is a practical solution for those who need the additional care.

Due to the smooth motion of this moving and handling equipment, it turns the patient without disturbing them, and because it can be used in conjunction with any bed, it’s available to everyone who needs it. While the benefits of this product are undeniable, we understand that it is the improved standard of living and increased independence which draws many patients and carers attention to it. With this product, a patient doesn’t need to worry about the carer coming in the middle of the night, or about being woken up to be turned.

To find out further details on the moving and handling equipment available from Genie Care, in particularly that of TOTO, be sure to call us on 01903 733 377.

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