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Meeting Physical Care Needs with Disability Beds

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When you are caring for someone, perhaps a patient with physical care needs, a few simple products can help to make things much easier. Disability beds are one way to ensure that those who are confined to bed can rest in comfort, whilst the range of specialist products on offer from Genie Care can make it much simpler for carers to provide bedside attention. When you are looking for safe solutions to help those in your care maintain their dignity and independence, look no further than our highly-effective products.

Read on to learn more about a few of the solutions which Genie Care can provide, and how these products can help in home and clinical environments alike.


For those who are confined to bed, being able to remain clean and healthy is essential. This portable unit allows patients to enjoy the comfort and luxury of a refreshing shower in the security of their bed. We understand that mobility is a real problem for many, and that moving some patients to the bathroom can be impossible. The WaterGenie enables carers to provide a much more effective alternative to a conventional bed bath, and reduces the risk of injuries which could be caused by moving from the bed.


This product is a great alternative to conventional turning disability beds as it removes the need for assistance from carers. Regular turning can be provided on a 2 hour or nightly setting to gently move patients and reduce the risk of pressure ulcers. If your patient or loved one is confined to bed for long periods, this product can complement an adjustable bed to help to make caring for them much easier.


For some patients, a conventional bed is inappropriate. The SleepLow system is designed to minimise the risk of falls by allowing the patient to sleep close to the ground, whilst also offering the ability to raise the bed to a more practical height when bedside attention is required.

When you are looking for a practical and effective range of products to complement disability beds, get in touch with the team here at Genie Care.

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