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Manual Handling Equipment for Nursing in Bed

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It can be upsetting to see a loved one bed ridden due to a serious condition or simply through old age, and especially so if they are suffering from pain and discomfort. At Genie Care, we can provide specialist manual handling equipment to make bed nursing more manageable, always putting the needs of the patient first.

ToTo Patient Turning Equipment

If a patient is bed-bound for extended periods of time, pressure ulcers and sores are liable to form, causing distress and discomfort. ToTo, supplied here at Genie Care, is specialist patient turning equipment designed to deliver automated turning as often as required. It can be fitted to any bed, and is placed between the mattress platform and the mattress itself.

ToTo offers an innovative approach to “two-hourly” or “night time” turning, and offers numerous advantages to manual turning. Firstly, it saves valuable time for carers to carry out other duties, which is often vital in overstretched care facilities. Secondly, ToTo’s turning sequence is both very gentle (approximately ten minutes in total) and quiet (less than 20db) to ensure that it doesn’t disturb the patient’s sleep – something that manual turning unfortunately does do.

“When the bed is in operation it is quiet and smooth running. It is very easy to set up and can be used on any bed and can be set up in a profile position and set to turn. This position is beneficial to our spinal injuries patients who may suffer with breathing or chest   problems.”

Barbie Simmons, Resettlement & Community Liaison Officer, The Midlands Centre for Spinal     Injuries

SleepLow for Improved Safety

ToTo can be combined with our SleepLow system for improved patient safety, which is ideal for patients who are confused or vulnerable to falling out of bed. It has an integral raising and lowering mechanism which cannot be seen when the bed is lowered, but brings the bed up to a comfortable height for nursing and transfers when required.

To find out more about how our manual handling equipment can help your loved one or patient enjoy a more comfortable night’s sleep, send us your enquiry via our online contact form or alternatively call us on 01903 733 377.

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