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Improving Paralysis Care With Our Moving And Turning Products

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Here at Genie Care, we stand out as one of the leading providers of moving and turning equipment for patients with severe mobility issues in the UK. One of our most modern and reliable moving and handling equipment devices are designed to provide adequate pressure care, while minimising the risk of pressure sores and ulcers as well as circulation complaints in patients is the ToTo Patient Turning Equipment.

How the Equipment Works

The ToTo’s operation is very simple and very effective. Its lifting element, which is strategically placed in between the mattress and mattress platform, rises quietly at programmed intervals to move, tilt, or turn the patient safely and regularly without causing any disturbance. Depending on the patient’s condition, the device can be programmed to turn or move at intervals of about 15 minutes to 2 hours throughout the day and night.

How Both Patients and Carers Benefit From the ToTo Patient Turning Equipment

  • Carers spend less time in programming the equipment and can use additional time to take care of other needs of the patient
  • The patient does not have to cope with embarrassment and discomfort often associated with the manual turning process
  • The patient can be turned or moved without even realising it because of the equipment’s whisper-quiet operation
  • The patient is guaranteed of receiving the necessary and high-quality pressure care and comfortable rest at all times
  • Both the carer and the patient are not put at risk of physical harm due to the very gentle lifting process
  • Due to the quiet and gradual operation of the equipment, the patient’s condition is more likely to improve
  • The device is long, spacious, and strong enough to handle patients of different heights and weights
  • The equipment can be used on any type of standard single bed, in conjunction with alternating/standard bed stock and pressure care systems, meaning that the carers can easily move the patient from one bed to another whenever necessary

With all the above specifications and advantages, our ToTo Patient Turning Equipment remains the best and most reliable moving and turning equipment you can ever go for. In any case your hospital or care home has any specific requirements and would like our expertise to customise the equipment to suit your needs, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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