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Improve Quality of Life with Effective Pressure Prevention

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If you’re a carer or a nurse and your loved one or patient suffers from paralysis or a disability which severely restricts mobility then you’ll already understand that complete or partial paralysis has an overwhelming impact on quality of life. A person with paralysis is always at risk of developing pressure sores as they are unable to turn themselves and regular repositioning is essential in pressure prevention; here at Genie Care we have developed a revolutionary pressure care system called ToTo which can significantly improve quality of life.

No More Manual Repositioning

Conventional pressure care will usually consist of a carer or carers attending to a patient at regular intervals in order to turn him or her from one side on to the other; this manual repositioning is effective in reducing pressure ulcers but can have a negative impact on your loved one or patient. The perpetual yet essential repositioning by one or more carers can become uncomfortable for the patient, is incredibly time consuming for nurses and if you’re a lone carer then repositioning can be difficult, dangerous or simply not possible.

The ToTo gently turns the patient at regular intervals without the aid of a carer or nurse; this means that turning is entirely safe and as nurses or carers, you’ll now have more time to provide a better level of care and spend quality time with your loved one or patient.

Quality Care For All Patients

Many patients in a home will not have a care package that extends to night time care; unfortunately, this means that patients will not be repositioned throughout the night and complications can occur as a result. The ToTo is incredibly quiet and can be programmed to a ‘night time turning’ setting to turn patient throughout the night; this can help to ensure that pressure ulcers do not develop and that the patient has a full and good night’s sleep. This is also particularly beneficial for you if you are caring for a loved and need to get up throughout the night for repositioning; thanks to the ToTo you can also get a well-deserved rest.

If you would like to know more about the pressure prevention benefits of the ToTo then please browse our website or contact us if you have any questions at all.

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