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How the WaterGenie Minimises Patient Risk

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At Genie Care we specialise in developing products that make caring for individuals who require bedside attention easier. We have become one of the UK’s leading names in specialist pressure care products thanks to our ToTo turning equipment that is designed to move patients slowly and safely during the night.

The WaterGenie allows for the luxury of enjoying a shower and hair wash from the comfort of the patient’s bed.

How Does it Work?

The WaterGenie is ideal for patients who are confined to their bed, including the elderly, terminally ill and those with a high dependency.

It is incredibly easy to set up and use, with the rolling transfer of patients into the bath which is then inflated around them using an integral powered pump. The risk of cross-contamination is mitigated thanks to separate clean and waste water pumping systems.

Why is this Safer?

One of the biggest risks to patients is injury caused by manual handling – while injury can also be suffered by the care giver. However WaterGenie provides a refreshing, 10-minute shower without the need for moving them away from the bed.

In addition, the WaterGenie is constructed from anti-fungal impregnated vinyl for superior levels of hygiene, while the system can remove waste water continuously during use. There is also a visible and audible temperature indicator to ensure patient comfort at all times.

To find out more about the WaterGenie and how it can improve quality of care and minimise risks to patients requiring bedside attention call our team today on 01903 733 377.

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