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How Our Turning System Helps To Prevent Pressure Ulcers

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Pressure ulcers are a prevalent and common problem amongst those with underlying health issues, and their severity is often understated. As an estimate, the NHS state that just fewer than half a million people in the UK will suffer from pressure ulcers per year. With the elderly or immobile at particular risk of developing pressure ulcers, those who suffer from reduced blood supply or weak skin tissue are the most prone to cases of pressure ulcers. Here at Genie Care, we’re dedicated to pressure ulcer prevention, and have developed a system that could help solve the problem for patients all over the UK!

Pressure ulcers come about via constant pressure being applied to a single area of skin over long (less pressure) and short (more pressure) periods of time. The pressure causes problems for blood flow and leads to a lack of oxygen and nutrients in the skin, breaking it and forming an ulcer.

The best way to avoid pressure ulcers is by regularly altering a patient’s position, allowing blood to flow freely around all parts of the body. Previously, turning a patient would take at least two people, and it would often be a cumbersome and awkward task that could tie up individuals for long periods of time, trying to get all the patients turned on a regular basis.

The ToTo is a revolutionary bed turning system that makes traditional turning methods obsolete, providing automated operation, health-centred techniques with any-bed compatibility and money saving measures that alleviate the previous necessity for man power.

With the ToTo, regular turning is made incomparably easy, with automatic, programmable settings that turn patients quietly and gently, ensuring they aren’t disturbed; leaving staff members to get on with other tasks. With the ToTo in place, there’s no need for carers to keep track of a busy schedule of turning, and it minimizes any risk of pressure sores or ulcers. It can be used on any bed and helps with a wide range of other health issues including circulation and respiratory problems.

If you’d like to find out more about the ToTo and how it can help you, our friendly, knowledgeable team members are always on hand offer help and advice! Simply call 01903 733 377, and make awkward patient turning and pressure ulcers a thing of the past!

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