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How Disability Beds Can Help

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If you or someone you know has a disability, you will understand the importance of aids and equipment that are designed to help improve mobility and independence in the home. Here at Genie Care we specialise in manufacturing and supplying high quality solutions that have been tried and tested by a number of highly satisfied customers. Our wide range of products work in conjunction with disability beds and offer a number of benefits to those in need of extra comfort and support.

Disability beds are designed to help with positioning when lying in bed. For those suffering with a disability that requires long periods of time in bed or where the patient is permanently bed ridden, a disability bed or adjustable bed can be highly beneficial as they make a comfortable night’s sleep far more accessible, can help with circulation problems and ease any pressure sensitivity.

To work in conjunction with disability beds, we provide a number of products that can be matched specifically to the needs and requirements of the patient. Thanks to thorough testing, we are confident that our selection of products can effectively help anyone in bed for extended periods of time whilst also ensuring comfort and safety at all times.

Bathing and washing is commonly a problem area for those who are bedridden, however thanks to the WaterGenie, we offer a solution. This innovative, portable product enables a carer to thoroughly wash the patient whilst they remain in the bed; giving a refreshing ten minute shower.

An additional problem that many family members or carers may have is the protection of the patient when left alone. To combat this, we supply SafeSides which offer all round protection and are already being used in many hospital and domestic settings. They are easily fitted and offer extra protection from injury or entrapment, are easily inflated with a pump and can be installed onto any bed.

If you are considering methods of improving support, comfort and independence for those in bed for long periods of time, contact the team here at Genie Care to find out about the range of products we supply that work in conjunction perfectly with disability beds. To see more of our collection, feel free to browse our website today.

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