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How Can A Patient Turning Device Enhance Pressure Care?

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The healthcare industry is always looking for new and innovative ways to progress and develop in order to streamline processes and offer an increasing quality of patient care. New and advanced technology, of course, is making this increased level of care more accessible and more easily implemented across within numerous institutions.

Here at Genie Care we are at the forefront of developing technology to improve the quality of pressure care and pressure care equipment to ensure that processes for patients and carers alike are continually improving. We have developed a number of innovative systems that provide much needed support and care for bedridden patients and those suffering with severe mobility issues.

The ‘To-To’: Patient Turning Device

The To-To is a revolutionary patient turning device that delivers guaranteed, consistent pressure care for bedridden patients; this device eliminates the need for manual turning.

–    Patients are guaranteed to receive the needed turning as the element of human error is removed.
–    Patients are not put at risk of physical harm or discomfort; a significant problem associated with manual turning.
–    Patients that find manual turning embarrassing or uncomfortable will no longer have to cope with the psychological stress.
–    Patients receive an undisturbed night’s sleep as the device gently turns the patient throughout the night.
–    The whisper quiet system and gentle turning minimises any disruption during the day and night.
–    Carers or nurses are free to complete other important tasks; eliminating manual turning from their workload allows for increased quality of care in other areas.
–    Patients with only one carer or nurse that is unable to turn the patient alone will still receive the appropriate level of care.

As you’ll know, turning of bedridden patients is absolutely essential to maintain tissue viability and reduce the risk of pressure sores. Our patient turning device, the To-To, ensures that this essential care is guaranteed.

If you would like more information about the To-To please visit and browse our website; you are also welcome to contact us on 01903 733 377 if you have any questions or queries.

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