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When caring for a loved one, whether a patient confined to bed, or a family member that’s been struck with an illness, you will no doubt want to do all you can to ensure they are kept comfortable at all times. Whilst sleepless nights may be something you relate to having young children, it is an all too familiar situation with patients that require moving on a regular basis. To help combat this problem, and to make your job easier in caring, we at Genie Care have created a range of unrivalled speciality bed care products; read on to find out more about each one in turn.


This innovative product will revolutionise the way you care for a patient, making your job much easier. Rather than struggle with the traditional bed bath, this allows you to give your patient a refreshing shower easily. It’s simple to set up and use, and separates clean and waste water so you needn’t worry about cross-contamination.


Pressure sores and ulcers are something that many struggle with; however the ToTo will reduce the risk of these. Not only does it benefit the patient in this way, it will free up man-power and therefore save costs by automatically turning the patient at pre-defined times.


Whilst pressure sores are a common problem, you may find that your patient gets confused and puts themselves at risk of falling out of bed. If so, SleepLow is the product for you. It has many outstanding features including a mechanism which will raise it to a comfortable working height, and the best thing? It looks just like a standard bed.


Similar to the SleepLow, this piece of equipment has been designed to provide all-round protection for your patient whilst in bed. It fits snuggly onto any standard bed and is strong, lightweight and easy to clean. This will put your mind at ease that your patient is always safe and secure when alone in bed.

The combination of the above equipment will provide the ultimate in care for your patient; browse our website today for more information.

Also, if you are looking for other useful resources relating to the care and care provision for older age then have a look then have a look at the Care Directory – – It’s intention is to fully inform people about all the aspects of care, as well as providing a nationwide list of care provider companies.

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