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Eliminate Manual Turning and Reduce Pressure Sore Risk

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Patients with severely reduced mobility as well as bedridden patients will need perpetual turning throughout the day and night to ensure that pressure sores do not develop. Unfortunately, this means that a number of carers and nurses are using their precious time to manually turn patients whilst trying to avoid disturbing patients.

Here at Genie Care we have developed an innovative system to revolutionise the way that patients receive pressure care. Our To-To patient turning device will automatically turn patients every 2 hours without disturbing or distressing the patient and without the need for carers or nurses.

The features of the To-To include:

–    It is a unique lateral turning system
–    It fits onto any bed underneath the mattress to ensure comfort
–    It can be moved to wherever necessary
–    It can be used with alternating air mattress
–    It is compatible with profiling beds and will still operate when profiled
–    It is now used in a number of teaching hospitals

Built With the Patient in Mind

The To-To does not only eliminate the need for manual turning, it can actually improve a patient’s quality of life. With manual turning, the patient is disturbed throughout the night to be repositioned and many patients will find manual turning humiliating and distressing; the To-To on the other hand turns a patient incredibly gently over around 10 minutes.

The gentle and near silent turning allows the patient have an undisturbed night’s sleep while still receiving the necessary pressure care.

Here at Genie Care we are the experts when it comes to equipment to care for bedridden patients and those with significantly reduced mobility. Take a look at our range of products including the To-To, SafeSides, WaterGenie and SleepLow.

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