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Aid Recovery & Care With The ToTo Turning Device

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When a person gets bed-ridden due to an illness or some other health problem, particularly where they might be in hospital for long periods of time, one of the major worries is the development of pressure ulcers. These ulcers occur when the person is unable to turn periodically during the long convalescence period.However, with our ToTo Turning devices, those taking care of the ill and frail no longer have to keep up during the nights to turn their patients.

The ToTo patient turning device is a revolutionary product that aids in moving and turning patients, thereby ensuring tissue viability. This device is a wonderful alternative to turning patients manually, as it turns them regularly to ensure that pressure ulcers do not develop.

The device has a lateral ‘tilt or turn’ ability that allows the patient to turn during the night or every two hours. This device can be placed seamlessly under the mattress and turn the patient gently at regular intervals, without the need for another person to do so.

Types of ToTo Turning Device
There are many different types of turning device from ToTo that carers can use based on the requirement of the patient.

  • Basic ToTo Turning Device: This is a basic unit that can fit onto standard single bed to facilitate regular turning. It also is available in plus sizes, albeit on request.
  • ToTo PG Programmable Turning Device: This device can be programmed to ensure automated turning of the patient. It can tilt the patient gently without disturbing the patient’s sleep. It has the ability to work with alternating air mattresses, and the quiet operation does not spoil or disturb the patient’s sleep.
  • ToTo FT Fast Turn Turning Device: This device can be user-controlled to help turn the patient. Based on the patient’s weight, the lift time can vary from 3 to 4 minutes, and it can lift the patient to 70 degrees. While this turning device does not operate with alternating air mattress, it is more than sufficient to turn the patient effortlessly.

For more information on the ToTo turning device, as well as the other products we supply, just get in touch with us here at Geniecare today on 01903 733 377 or by using our website’s online contact form.

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