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Adjustable Beds and Palliative Care

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When caring for somebody who is suffering with a long term illness, you will understandably want to make them as comfortable and relaxed as possible in order to relieve them of any discomfort. Although palliative care can offer symptomatic relief eases suffering, there are products available on the market that can assist you when looking after a bed ridden relative, friend or patient. Here at Genie Care we manufacture and supply a number of high quality products that can be used in conjunction with adjustable beds in order to make caring for your loved one easier and more practical for all involved.

Whether your loved one is bedridden whilst they recover from an illness or operation, or they are more comfortable in bed during the latter stages of life, at Genie Care we are committed to helping you provide full support by supplying our specially designed products that cater for a range of special requirements.

Amongst the highly acclaimed products that we provide here at Genie Care, we have products that offer practical solutions for bathing, moving, turning and keeping your patient or loved one safe whilst in bed. Ultimately, we believe that our products can be used to effectively assist with the general care and support of a sick relative, friend or patient.

Regardless of your requirements and the needs of your patient, you can be confident of finding easy to use, practical products to suit most beds in order to make life easier, more comfortable and stress-free for you and your patient.

If you would like to learn more about the excellent products that we manufacture and supply for use with adjustable beds, feel free to browse through our website or alternatively call our friendly team here at Genie Care today on 01903 733 377 for further information.

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